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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


TELSTRA strikes again. Having dealt with the ThugStra without too much distress for 12 months or so, I was deceived into thinking that all might be well. Not so !
a. my $20 mobile deal seems to be costing me at least double and probably more than my Optus pre-paid. The only thing that is better is the range of coverage. Everything else is worse.
b. suddenly the net is slowed to 64kps. When we moved Telstra reneged on the 1/2 price deal we had and charged full price. In the 10 months in Ulmarra, we never came near using our 12 gb allowance. Suddenly and with no change in our own using patterns, we are over the limit by the 3rd week of the month. On one ordinary day in  July our usage quadrupled. Why ? How?
Thugstra does not allow payment to speed it up for the rest of the month.
c. Having sent them an email asking for more details and explanation of usage, I received a response saying they would be back to me in 2 days. That was 5 days ago.
d. the tech I rang prior to emailing was inaccurate and curt.

My daughter responded to the well advertised OPTUS broadband bundle deals to be told that OPTUS could not offer them anything AT ALL because there were no vacancies on the Bellingen exchange.

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