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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Just watched the late night news. Not a good idea. The Dept of Immigration or one of those was explaining why they couldn't let a family come visit their grandchild whose mother had died giving birth The baby has muscular distrophy. The father is out here alone with the little one. But we are not allowing the family to come visit because they might sneakily stay here. One reason they might do that is that they are refugees in Quetta which the aforesaid dept deems so dangerous that the family might not want to go back.
Bad enough and shameful enough all round. THEN add to the miserable pernickety nature of this vile era - an AMERICAN is doing the speaking for the Department. An AMERICAN is explaining why we are not giving visitor's visas. Who the hell are you, Mr Foreign Spokesman. I am willing to lay money  ( and I don't gamble) that you fly 'home' when you please. What a lousy place we are becoming.
Add to that, contact today with a lady who was washed out in the Brisbane flood and is now left stranded by the insurance companies, the charities etc - and I am suffering from a nasty taste in the soul tonight.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vivid Sydney - Light

Vivid Sydney - Light

Sounds and looks like fun BUT carbon points ??? Why am I then sitting huddled over the radiator and walking through a dimly lit cottage because it's too expensive to have a real life ? Methinks we are being taken for a ride.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Not even going to protest tonight. Just say CENTRELINK and COUNTRY ENERGY and CAR REPAIRS. Put them in the same paragraph as part time work and pension and they make their own protest. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

$220 million chaplaincy plan is a decison that does not compute | Daily Telegraph Maralyn Parker Blog

$220 million chaplaincy plan is a decison that does not compute | Daily Telegraph Maralyn Parker Blog

Disabled can't be forced to work | The Australian

Disabled can't be forced to work | The Australian


I have been known to whinge and whine and take the negative view of life but last night was a Rare One for me. It was one of those domino effect tumble downs of OUTRAGE.. Woke me and kept me restless for a goodly part of the night. Before I mated up in my late 50s, I would have got up, made a cup of tea, looked out my window upon whatever solitary night world I was in and settled myself down. Now I tend to try to remain in bed thereby threshing the body of the person beside me with outraged kicks and wriggles and possibly mumblings. 
I have woken with less mental disturbance and a slight quirk of smile but I had best get the rest of the Protest down here before it rots within me.

The CanCan participants  are still dancing past: starting with the truly pathetic palliative care that my sister received in Port Macquarie. In the night they moved onto women being isolated in the bush by their menfolk and through to the Budget and the harsh treatments of the lowest in our social pecking orders.
A seething hot bed of resentments it was - sometime after midnight.
I must have subconsciously burned through a good few of them during the tumultuous night because I am now struggling to recall them. Mind you, if i put a match to the first one - the one about the neglect by authorities of my sister - luckily the enormous love of a family was available to her - Well if I put a match to that, I can probably start a bushfire off again.
I might even do that. I am home for days this week due to one of the household vehicles being in at Navin's for repairs, leaving me as the non-worker at home several kilometres from home. Not too bad a thing because its giving me time to check out the state of my spiritual property.
It doesn't look too well tended just at the moment. Best get this mess out in the open.
I am right royally p***ed off with stinting on heating because of the electricity costs. Its as loopy as when they wanted us to drink our own urine in Toowoomba due to the Drought which ended - no thanks to our pee drinking or not washing our cars or having deep luxurious baths.
I am distressed by the JOB NETWORKS and their generic ' American' techniques. Their complete failure at finding jobs for people or doing anything other than causing distress and further shaming.
Paying rent which is app 50% of our income. That's a protest. The elimination of public housing. The destruction of caravan parks.
The lack of public transport East and West.

I guess what's wrong with me is simply the powerlessness of being able to fix things.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Should have been writing here for days to get the pissed offedness out of my system. That's what i started the page for. Harm reduction. I was at the Uniting Church hall in Bello the other night, reading the notices up on the noticeboard. Its a very active church that does a lot of good deeds and has a progressive attitude to the community So I was skimming through the notices impressed with the blankets for African people and the home visits of the frail and elderly - when I came to the BKKIE run for prisoners.
Down at Kempsey is a new gaol. No new hospitals of course - but a nice new prison. Seems the good people of Bellingen uniting Church reach out to the gents in there. They write letters and do other things - including BAKE BIKKIES, Bellingen people bake great biscuits - but not any more. NO HOME BAKED BIKKIES for the prisoners DUE TO OH&S reasons. Only store bought Bikkie - which btw equals 99% of the time - Overseas owned.
Only store bought packet biscuits are allowed to be given to Kempsey Prisoners. For their own health and safety. Are they expecting the traditional file hidden inside an Anzac biscuit? Or what ? Did some Bello Grandma add extra greenery to the ingredients ? Are they in the wallets of the Companies.
Unfortunately, I think they are simply insane.