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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here I am. PROTESTING - about a lot.
Too protested out even to write about it today. The world does not fir me very well.
What sort of a hospital allows a young mother to drive her baby a  half hour or more to the Base Hospital with a suspected broken leg ?
What conditions involve double triage ?
Just because some things seem set in concrete doesn't make them right!

And add these things to my right royally pissed off list. 

Funerals that cost $5000 or more and leave families distressed.
Rents that take over half a week's pay.
Governments that don't build government housing. 
Big flash charities that spend more on dinners and ' training' than they do on the people they're supposed to be helping. 
St Vinnies making fashion catalogues. 
Heart specialist bills of $400 a visit. 
$300 to have a wisdom tooth taken out. 
No ambulance for a baby. 
Houses that are cold because people can't afford to heat them. 
Cold and dark. 
Stupid Centrelink setups that include Fraud Departments up in Queensland. 


I shall come to more after I have a shower. 

Not to mention Palliative Care - Really not to mention them. Not coming till the last week of a person's life.