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Monday, January 25, 2010


Temps are down a little this morning but the heat haze is appearing as the fog lifts. Due to this being my protesting blog to get the whinge out of my system, I shall therefore complain - about the noise of Coldstream Street. When I checked the Google map in order to make a decision about renting this house, the Street appeared to bea narrow country road leading to nowhere much. Turned out to the the road to the Coast. The Beach as they say here on the Clarence. Its also the road to Tucabia and that means holiday AND working traffic. Heading in and out of Grafton.
My house is at the start of the 50 km zone - or the end depending upon whether you're coming or going. West from us is the Village. The 50km signs seems to incite speed psychosis in people. The wee Staffie from next door was killed in a moment when he escaped from the front yard
The psychotic behaviour is not restricted to young people or drunks either. Some zippy "Ladies" flash past as well.
Monday then !

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