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Friday, January 14, 2011


Glad I have this site. My Protesting site. I don't even have the words as yet but its a spleen venting page and I shall be back with flood protests. I don't like the way things are handled. The Showgrounds in Brisbane were used in 1931 and that's the best they can do now. The pic I found in the TROVE had stretchers all set up in 1931 but in 2001 - they say " bring your own bedding". Surely they can take over resorts or conference facilities not just stick people in one place in the showgrounds.
What sort of early warning systems do THEY have ?
We got an SMS to evacuate Ulmarra this week. Haven't lived there for a year. When we did live there the evacuation meant you get yourself out if you can to someplace safe if you can find it and don't ask for help doing so because you won't get it.
For now - cela suffice.

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