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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Received a batch of mail today. I receive very little. Send very little. I have a Post Office box which suits me well and now and then, I check it.
P.O. BOX 80 URUNGA 2455 if any of you feel inclined to sen me money or cards of congratulations.
Anyways - back in today - a pile of mail. Will post the fotos later. Basically - about 2 pages max of info I needed to have and reams of paper and pamphlets  about which I am still hyperventilating. Sweet Bejaysus - what's going on here? 
Coloured booklet telling me how to conserve power on the electricity bill which has just trebled in order to save power. 
And  in a country where there is a mega shortage of cancer nurses - the 3rd reminder from the BreastScreen propaganda machine reminding me its time for a visit even though I now live 100s of miles away. I think there are   8-10 sheets of paper  signed by officaldom. With accompanying pretty pictures. 
There goes a nurse or two and there goes flights to Sydney for seriously ill family. There go pensioners huddling under blankets without the heater on. Now they have the glossy pamphlet to warm them.  Yeesh.

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