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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Wasn't in a protesting mood this week. Reasonably content, so I was. Then I began to think about Bellingen Hospital. Began to think about Neglect and history vanishing. of resources being smuggled away. I don't begin to write the few real grievances I have. They are buried a little and I shall need time to dig them up and see which ones are still stinking. 
I began to think about being conned by Authorities until an historic building is unfit enough to be pulled down. Of  pregnant mothers being directed up the Highway to Coffs. Began to think about a Local Community. 
In an off handed way I started a Facebook Page. I blew it a little in that I named it Save Bellingen Hospital which turns out to be the name of the site owned by the true fighters for this hospital. I do apologise and cannot work out any way to change the name. I do think that our message is very similar. 

As for the Facebook Page, I made a logo which says SAVE BELLO HOSPITAL SBH. The day idled along and I added some photos and some lightweight humour, a few links and THEN it exploded. At dinnertime on Day 2 we have passed the 600 Fans. Go Bello! 
Jim Belshaw has written an article on his New England Blog.

It seems that WE ALL PROTEST. 

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