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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I think I am losing the fighting streak.  More inclined to weeping. I am going to town now for lunch and to buy baby clothes for the Little New Girl. Then I shall again look at Telstra matters.
For the moment, this is where we are up to. Having agreed to the sales pitch from the delightful Kaela and being assured of BONUS plans for bundling all 3 services into one and a $200 credit AND many more elusive benefits in changing my mobile to telstra including the reduction of my landline rental by $20 a month ---- come in - come in sucker - snake oil for sale. I waited for the delivery of said handset - smiling and excited. That fell through due to Air Express Courier not having any identification number that I have seen before and the Courier retreating at high speed from the woman scorned ( taking the new mobile with him ). He did stall his vehicle once or twice as Hysteria pursued him from the porchette.
Then followed the bizarre hours long communications with Telstra on the phone. That involved overseas conversations ( which would have paid my years Telstra bills all by themselves ) and young ladies called Aisa and timid young men called Stephen.
That terminated with my venture into Grafton T LIFE shop which I think handled their end pretty well and I did walk out with the new mobile.
Then - came the extra hiccoughs. The ones which reduce me to a tearful powerlessness.

  •  I don't get the $200 credit because only the OUTCALLING DEPARTMENT can offer that. Not the INCALLING nor the T LIFE SHOPS. 
  • The $20 per month landline reduction - well I can still have that BUT I then do not get my pensioner concession. What!!!!!
I was told that bundling all my services under the one banner ( internet, homephone,mobile) had ADVANTAGES. I do not see ANY advantages. AT ALL. 
Read the fine print is more or less what they're telling me.  What Fine print ?

All I know is - I have been done. I do not care what Telstra's policy , fine print or anything is. It is so obscure that following it is beyond me. Internal jargon and terminology such as OUTCALLING DEPARTMENT - is surely not the responsibility of the customer. 

Bugger - says I. Bugger. I just wanted a phone that had range here in the Country - esp as a grandmother travelling the Roads on her own in her trusty Charade. I just wanted a mobile I could afford to use. And I did want my PENSIONER CONCESSION. But I cannot have that either. 

After just escaping Vodafone's 2 failed years - and being well pleased with our Telstra Broadband and Homephone - I dropped my guard and fell into the first Hole.  Ah My !!!!!
If only Optus had range, They have served me very well on my little pre-paid. Great Deals. Great Bonuses.
Lets go to town , have lunch and buy pretty clothes for the little girl.

We have dealt with this before.


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