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Thursday, January 14, 2010


That day almost left a bad taste. Then I looked over the back fence and the new staffie has shredded newspapers etc all over the yard. His owners left in their caravan for the beach today and Staffies don't take kindly to abandonment.
The daughter rang and Baby is Beautiful. The Rice growers answered my emails promptly. To this effect -

Thank you for your comments about SunRice Rice.  We appreciate the time
you have taken to contact us regarding this product.

The severe drought that Australia has been experiencing in recent years
has resulted in severely diminished crops of Australian grown rice.
While SunRice has supplied as much Australian-grown rice to the market
as is possible, we have been obliged to import several types of rice to
meet all our customers' requirements. At this time Brown Rice and the
White Long Grain rice in the Pour and Store are still Australian. Please
check the back of the packaging and this will inform you where the
product is grown.

Thank you again for contacting us as we welcome any feedback from our
customers and we will pass your comments on to our Marketing Department
for their information.

We trust you will continue to use and enjoy quality SunRice products
with every confidence.

Pat Dunstan
Consumer Relations Representative

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